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Applicant FAQs

You have questions – we have answers.

Can you describe the NWF Hiring Process?

NWF actively recruits employees throughout the year, seeking candidates who are passionate about protecting wildlife for our children's future.  As an applicant you can expect the following from us throughout our recruitment process: 

Apply Online - Candidates should submit both a cover letter and a resume online by visiting the careers section of our website.  By creating a profile and submitting your resume, you will be entered into our database and your information will be retained so we can access it when a good career match presents itself.

A Recruiter Reviews Your Resume - Once you have submitted your resume, NWF staff will review it to determine if your experience and educational background qualify you as a candidate for the position for which you have applied.  If you are, our staff will route your resume to the hiring manager for that position.  We may have some follow up questions to ask you and it's not uncommon for us to reach out via phone prior to conducting an in-person interview.  These phone screens might last 15 to 30 minutes. 

If the hiring manager is interested in meeting with you in person, you will be brought in for an interview. 

The Interview Process - A recruiter will contact you to schedule an interview.  Typically you will meet with the hiring manager and may also meet with other managers or others in the department that you would be working with closely.  Most often, you will be brought back for a second interview for more in-depth discussions of your qualifications.

References - Before a formal offer of employment is made, the recruiter will contact your references.    

Making an Offer - If your references are all positive, an offer of employment will be made. While it may vary, the hiring process typically takes 4 – 6 weeks.


What happens if I get to the jobs website and do not see the job I want to apply for?

If you get to our website and do not see the job you are trying to apply for the job is no longer available.


How do I know whether my resume was submitted?

You will receive a confirmation of submission from our recruiting system


Are all of the NWF job openings listed?

Job openings are updated regularly. You may want to check back on our web site frequently to see the new opportunities available.  By signing up for our alerts, you’ll get regular communications when new jobs are posted on our site.


I applied through your website but have not received a call back.

We are very fortunate to receive many qualified candidates for each of our job openings.  If you have completed an application through our jobs website but have not received a call back, we have identified other candidates whose qualifications more closely fit our current needs. Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we regret that we cannot reach out to everyone personally. 


I need assistance in completing the online application

If you have a disability and require an accommodation or assistance with our online application process, please tell us how we can help.  Send us a message at or call 703-438-6244.

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